New teeth in just 1 day!

For everyone who is lacking of time and looking for implant treatment, we have introduced possibility of immediate restoration. This treatment allows patients to have their new teeth to be done in just one day, while preserving the highest quality of work.

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Program: Smile 50+

Our own program dedicated for everyone in their fifties, sixties and so on.  It allows us to rejuvenate and restore natural smile, often lost with age. 

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Meet our patients and their success stories!


Another patient from UK is sharing her experience from visiting Polish dentist at Dentim Clinic in Katowice. She has got her beautiful smile back after years of waiting - she couldn't afford it in UK. What has surprised her mostly? Quality of service and professionalism of the whole team.

Mandizwidza Sibonile from UK




Terry tells his story about Dentim Clinic - what was the most surprising aspect of his stay in Poland, what dental issues he had before, what treatment has he decided on, how he describe experience in Katowice, was the treatment worth the money he has paid and how will his life change after going back home?

Terry Mangion from UK



Dave Austin from UK


Other success stories of our patients:


  • I came across the clinic by chance along with my husband and children. My son, who used to have horrible problems with teeth and hearing the word ‘dentist’ he would start screaming and crying now, he enjoys his teeth healed and the last 2 he had done without anaesthesia. My daughter likes Piotr very much and has a colourful jaw, as colourful inlays are cool. My husband has had two implants instered and at the moment, I have  upper  and lower braces  and the result are really visible, I honestly recommend!!!! Professional approach by the best doctors, assistants and all persons working  there.

  • Hello, if you are still thinking about choosing a good clinic, it is time to bet on Dentim clinic. Here you will receive everything that is good, nice, painless and despite that I live away from Poland I definitely prefer to visit this clinic. One day I spent about 7 hours in the clinic as I had to have all  my dentition done + hygienist care and after those painless hours I came back home smiling home and I only want to add that it’s worth investing in your looks. I recommend this clinic with all my heart, at that time a very nice doctor, Piotr and his assistant took care of me. I am sure I will go back there and for sure I will keep recommending you my dear “smile fixers”.

  • I was looking for an opinion myself before my treatment so I will write about my impressions. I am being treated in the clinic by Piotr – orthodontist. I wear  upper and lower braces. I have been a patient for not so long. Just 8 months and I am very pleased with the results. Really! Of course, the clinic is on a very high professional level. The people are extremely nice. And Piotr himself clears all my doubts at every appointment . If somebody is not convinced – I RECOMMEND IT.

  • I was lucky to get to this clinic and to Piotr – I strongly recommend it for those who are afraid of seeing a dentist. He is a real professional. He explains everything step by step, has wonderful approach to a patient (especially to such a panic stricken one as me) I am very pleased with the appointment and despite a high price (my pockets are not so deep) I DO NOT REGRET IT!! No dentist has impressed me so positively, let alone the super nice assistant Karolina. Thank you very much.

  • Fantastic clinic, great specialists, really nice

  • Excellent clinic, reliable specialists, pleasant service and pleased clients… only ‘pluses’

  • Painless, with no stress, even for the little ones. My 4 year old son got rid of his dentist phobia at this  surgery . All teeth treated – without stress. At the moment we have been waiting for possible check-up. Thank you for nice approach to my tot.

  • Surgery is absolutely beautiful, strongly recommend  

  • For the first time in my life I have such nice memories after an appointment to the dentist. After nightmare visits at other outpatient  dental clinics, I can definitely describe the appointment at DENTIM clinic as UNBELIEVABLY PLEASANT! Quoting some protagonist of one of the Polish comedies “ciachu i  po  strachu! “ /“ Chop, chop and done !”/ Here I would like to thank wholehartedly all personnel of the clinic. And dentists in particular who carried out very hard work showing unbelievable understanding and patience!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS VERY MUCH!!! After the appointment it is not possible to forget the female part of the personnel of the clinic. Greatest words of respect to Karolina! I would like to promise the future patients of the clinic that saying the words PROFESSIONALISM, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING AND CARE you will think “DENTIM”!


  • I READ ABOUT THE SURGERY IN Metro magazine and thought ‘nice’ ad, but hence I have not associated any surgery with ‘nice’ place how surprising it was to find out when I did not feel as if I wasn’t at the dentist but in an luxurious, modern interior without horrible smell which gives you the creeps . Respect for the perfect job and perfect interior design. Al in all a dentist can be ‘nice’

  • Painless, with no stress in beautiful surrounding among beautiful flowers, smell and taste of exquisite freshly made coffee and soothing music. This is how I can describe staying in this surgery. I forgot to mention about the fantastic effects of Mr. Wojciech Fąferko’s treatment. Doctor, you gave me second youth. Well maybe you did not really give me that as it was quite draining for my wallet but I do not regret it. It was worth it! Thank you ! I recommend this to the forum members and all persons in need of such assistance. Professionalism of the highest class! Congratulations!

  • Hello. Professional equipment, nice atmosphere, smells likehome - and not likethe dentist :)

  • If you are going to extract anything for example, than I strongly recommend it, they have just acquired a new patron – mainly because of the quality of work. Do not even think about narcosis as the WAND device provides perfect anaesthesia without discomfort and paint related to injection. 

  • I have efficiently avoided dentist surgeries until the appointment at this surgery (everybody knows what grown up boys are afraid of the most). If you are looking for a good surgery in Katowice do not waste time – you’ve just found it. 

  • I can eat without constraints… Thank you. Thanks to implants and stable teeth I can finally eat easily.

  • Removable dentures gave me a really hard time for many years. The doctor clarified this problem within few days. Thank you.

  • As a youngster I lost my front tooth. I did not want to grind the adjacent teeth so I had a gap… Having inserted and implant I regained self confidence and started to smile widely.

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Success stories

Meet our patients and find out how treatments in our clinic have changed their lifes. You will also get personal insight of real people who visited our clinic.

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Lifetime guarantee

This is an unique offer within medical sector that brings peace of mind for all our patients. Our program gives even lifetime guarantee on certain dental treatments.

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