New teeth in just 1 day!

For everyone who is lacking of time and looking for implant treatment, we have introduced possibility of immediate restoration. This treatment allows patients to have their new teeth to be done in just one day, while preserving the highest quality of work.

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Program: Smile 50+

Our own program dedicated for everyone in their fifties, sixties and so on.  It allows us to rejuvenate and restore natural smile, often lost with age. 

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Post procedural diet 

We pay special attention to the well being of our patients. It concerns not only the stay at the clinic but also post procedural care. We are the only dental clinic in Poland offering post a procedural diet, tailor made for each patient. . We pay particular attention to surgery such as implanting and complex prosthetic  works such as multipoint bridges  or dentures. The  first days after the surgery are crucial, when gums are healing and the patient is getting accustomed to the situation. Being aware of the opinions we have solved the problems that patients are faced with, who due to their gaps in their dentition  do not want to eat at all or do not know how to find a suitable meal for them. The meal custom made subject to  doctor’s recommendations, made exclusively using fresh products is later supplied to the patient’s apartment. Thanks to this innovative solution our patients are not forced to leave their apartment at the very time when they need to restore energy and rest after surgery.

The post procedural diet will be prepared at each patient’s request  individually on the spot in the clinic. For further information please contact the clinic coordinator.

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Success stories

Meet our patients and find out how treatments in our clinic have changed their lifes. You will also get personal insight of real people who visited our clinic.

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Lifetime guarantee

This is an unique offer within medical sector that brings peace of mind for all our patients. Our program gives even lifetime guarantee on certain dental treatments.

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