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Meet our patients and find out how treatments in our clinic have changed their lifes. You will also get personal insight of real people who visited our clinic.

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Lifetime guarantee

This is an unique offer within medical sector that brings peace of mind for all our patients. Our program gives even lifetime guarantee on certain dental treatments.

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Life Transforming Mature Smile Dentistry 


What is Mature smile dentistry?

Literary it is  dental treatment which allows to rejuvenate, and also very often restore the smile lost with age. Thanks to the latest prosthetic and implantological solutions, in Dentim clinic, we are able to design and fully restore dentition perfectly suiting age, sex, skin colour, hair colour and even colour and the shape of lips. We give our patients teeth of which they have always dreamt of – even, white and most importantly looking natural. We have created SMILE 50+ program to facilitate our patients to find themselves in the complexities of  dental treatment which comprises of implant, prosthetic treatments and aesthetic dental. 

The aesthetics of a smile

Mature Smile dental plays a vital aesthetic role making a smile shine and look healthy and young despite years passing by. Our patients willingly use the advantages of the latest implantology which, apart from possibility of dentition restoration prevents the process of slacking skin of face progressing with age. New restored teeth thanks to implants and crowns (or dentures) make skin regain support and thus wrinkles generation is postponed. But it is not the only solutions which influences the aesthetics of smile. Thanks to ceramic veneers we lengthen teeth, we give them new shape and change their colour. We correct problems which emerged with age – teeth cracks, chippings, scratches  on the enamel, discolouration, abrasions.

Health for all the body

Not to be undermined,  dentistry of 50+ is supposedly the most important one. Restored smile makes us eat whatever we want – apples, nuts, crisps, by the same token we minimise occurrence  gastric  problems. Treating teeth, the result of decay we minimise the risk of contracting infections, problems with heart and respiration. We restore oral cavity its right function. Putting it bluntly – today, in Dentim clinic, we are in position to stop and even turn back the time – of course only for your teeth. 

Applying the latest diagnostics using x-ray imaging as well as CT scanner and accurate computer aided treatment planning our patients undergo mysterious transformations and can smile again and they become healthier.

Professional care

Joining our program of mature smile dentistry SMILE 50+ you will in the hands of experienced dentists, implantologists and prosthodontists. Out dentists have gained their experience at prestigious universities in the United States of America, Italy and Germany. As one of the first surgeries in Poland we introduced modern CAD/CAM systems to treatment allowing for accurate implant treatment planning. Computer diagnostics in 3D has become a standard and we start with it while discovering the problem. We treat in comfortable conditions of a modern surgery. Our surgery has been awarded twice in the TOP DESIGN competition in 2010 and 2011. The practitioners working with us are members, among other : Polish Association of Aesthetic  dental, Polish Association of Dental Implantology, as well as they were awarded ex.: Platinum Preferred Biomet 3i which the Americans award yearly only to a limited group of the best specialists. 

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On site: dental lab centre

To guarantee highest quality of each of crown, bridge or veneer, we have invested in our own dental laboratory. It is located in the same building what helped us also improve timing of work and minimise length of patient visits.

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