New teeth in just 1 day!

For everyone who is lacking of time and looking for implant treatment, we have introduced possibility of immediate restoration. This treatment allows patients to have their new teeth to be done in just one day, while preserving the highest quality of work.

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Implant packages

We have designed special sets of treatments combined with flights, accommodation and airport transfer. This way all our patients can save substantial amount of money.

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Pain free dentistry


Anxious about visiting the dentist?


A lack of control is one of the reasons why people are afraid of visiting the dentist but there is a solution to this problem and it is Dental Button.   


We have decided to invest in The Dental Button system to show you and all our patients that we care about you and understand your anxiety about visiting the dentist.  


For the last few years the Dental Button is changing the dental experience across the U.S. and now in Poland.  We are the first dental clinic in Poland to install this system for treating dental phobia.  


The Dental Button is a special device installed in dental chair which puts control of the handpiece (“the drill”) in your hands!  


To ease your fears, we are even willing to share control of the drill. If, in the unlikely event you'll ever need to stop a drilling procedure, you can. It might be any reason, wether you feel discomfortable or you have a question or think that anything isn't the way it is supposed to be. Simply press the Button and the drill stops immediately. We wouldn’t resume until you give us a permissions to reset the device and start again.   


To find out more and check how Dental button is working on videos below.



If you are interested in comfortable and painless dentistry, click here to arrange an appointment.  


Painless dentistry in Poland


Additionally you can also use following systems to ease your anxiety in our dental clinic in Poland:

  • Computer assisted anaesthesia “The Wand” in every surgery, applied for each treatment.
  • Nitrous oxide called the “laughing gas” means time spent on the armchair is pleasant.
  • For particularly stressed people we recommend treatment under general anaesthesia. Considering a larger scope of works it is possible to arrange longer treatment sessions in order to complete treatment as soon as it is possible You wake up and your teeth are healthy.


What else do we do to give you an appointments in comfortable conditions?

We have done everything we can to make an appointment at a dental surgery as pleasant as possible. You may also take advantage of the following facilities:

  • Disposable headphones and the possibility of selecting your favourite music during every  surgery .
  • Comfortable waiting rooms with current newspapers, Wi-Fi, delicious coffee and discreet music as well as polite and professional personnel.
  • Top class specialists capable of conducting surgeries quickly and without trauma.

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