Award winning clinic

Our clinic has been awarded with the first place of the TOP DESIGN - national competition designated to promote best dental clinics.

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Success stories

Meet our patients and find out how treatments in our clinic have changed their lifes. You will also get personal insight of real people who visited our clinic.

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Step by step

Plan your visit in those few, easy to follow steps. Our clinic coordinator will help you at each of those stages and make sure that whole process would be as smooth as possible.

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Lifetime guarantee


The principles of the guarantee and check-up visits.


Some examples of our guarantee (for further details, click READ MORE at the bottom of this text):

  1. implants - lifetime
  2. crowns - 3 years
  3. bridges - 3 years
  4. veneers - 3 years
  5. dentures - 2 years

The patient must inform Dentim Europe prior to being entitled to the guarantee. Non compliance will make the guarantee void. Repair treatments will be carried out in the event of a justified need. Each case is examined and discussed prior to commencing repair treatment. Decision on repair treatment and the scope of procedures which are to be carried out within the scope of the guarantee is made after the patient is examined by our doctor at the Dentim Europe in Katowice.


Dentim Europe  requires for the patient to return to our clinic for annual check-ups. If that is not possible, patient should visit one of our partner dentist in their country of origin (during the terms of the guarantee). If so, we will require a written evidence (medical records together with panoramic x-rays) from every check up that has been done not in our clinic.


Dentim Clinic will cover all required costs of dental  and lab works in order to remove the problem. In the event of small issues it is possible to use the services of our partner dentist in your own country and sent the bill to Dentim for a refund. Dentim Clinic assigns £50 for small dental repairs, such as re-cementing of crowns, grinding of a crown or denture, partial denture adjustment. 



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For UK patients: 02035198006 Alternatively: 0048530252941

Baildona 12/3
Katowice (Poland)

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On site: dental lab centre

To guarantee highest quality of each of crown, bridge or veneer, we have invested in our own dental laboratory. It is located in the same building what helped us also improve timing of work and minimise length of patient visits.

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On site: post-surgery diet

Our unique program dedicated for patients after surgical treatments, such as implant placements, extraction, etc. Our specialist would recommend certain diet that would let patients eat freely and comfortably. 

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