Why SoftVeneers are better than traditional?

  1. Traditional veneers require more aggressive and therefore painful tooth preparation. Preparing teeth for SoftVeneers is relatively quick and painless.
  2. Traditional veneers require a long process of preparation, which is a large and irreversible trimming down healthy tooth structure. After trimming,  temporary veneers are placed, until the permanent ​​veneers are done. SoftVeneers do not require anesthesia for trimming sensitive tooth structure, which eliminates the pain. These ultra-thin (typically about 0.2 mm) and therefore can be cemented directly onto the untrimmed tooth. The whole process of making new SoftVeneers will only take two appointments.
  3. SoftVeneers are reversible method of treatment. Shoul you wish in the future to go back to your natural teeth, that is also possible.

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