What is the difference between a traditional veneers and SoftVeneers?

SoftVeneers are ultrathin (0.2 mm) veneers, which give the appearance of natural tooth enamel. Traditional veneers are thicker, requiring significant trimming of teeth. SoftVeneers due to their construction does not require, or require only minimal tooth polishing. They are durable and resistant to wear.

Does it heart?

Reconstruction of smile, using SoftVeneers is painless way to change the shape, color and thus the appearance of the teeth, and the whole face. In most cases, the effect is obtained without the need for anesthetic or trimming tooth structure. There is no discomfort or postoperative sensitivity.

Could SoftVeneers be an alternative to braces?

Braces would not only to change the appearance but also affect the function of the teeth. Therefore veneers may not always be an alternative for the braces. After examination of the teeth, the dentist will decide whether the orthodontic treatment is necessary. If the problem is not serious, SoftVeneers will correct the appearance of the teeth, making them to look straight and equal. In addition, teeth would be whiter - a feature not available with the braces.

What is the lifetime of SoftVeneers?

Clinical trials have shown that the veneers maintain their appearance for 15 - 20 years. To enjoy your smile as long as possible, you must have regular check-ups.

What is the process of making SoftVeneers ?

The process consists of several stages:
  • First Visit consultation - on this visit, the doctor talks to the patient about his/her expectations, determine the scope of the reconstruction and inform pre-treatment costs. Should patient wish to do diagnostic impressions, they will be taken in order to prepare plaster models.
  • Second Visit mock-up - dental technician is modelling the shape of teeth on plaster models. During this visit we are able to do patient's temporary veneer, which reflects the future shape of the teeth. The final look of new teeth is a shared decision of the dentist, technician, and especially the patient. On request, you may spend a few days in the temporary teeth to consult with the family (and our team) that the aesthetic effect is in line with expectations.
  • Third Visit impressions - once patient will accept shape and colour of temporary teeth, dentist takes impressions for the final veneers.
  • Fourth Visit cementing - on this visit veneers are cemented to the teeth. The patient leaves the clinic with a new, beautiful, white smile.

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