At Dentim clinic we will comprehensively tackle your problem.

Not only will we straighten your teeth, but once that is complete we will fill the gaps with implants, whiten your teeth, make sure they are in an ideal state for many years after the brace is removed.

Benefits of our treatments:

  • You gain access to all treatment methods available on the market (standard braces, self-ligating, cosmetic aligners)
  • You will probably not need to extract teeth
  • Check-ups every 2 months
  • You will reduce the time of wearing an orthodontic brace
  • You will be under the care of the entire Dentim clinic staff, specialists in different branches of  dental.

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For UK patients: 02035198006 Alternatively: 0048530252941

Baildona 12/3
Katowice (Poland)

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