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Thinking of the youngest patients

To ensure a beautiful smile, you have to start caring for it as early as possible - a simple but effective piece of  dental advice. Treating occlusion problems yields the best effects in young people (around 12 years old), when 90% of the facial development takes place. For younger patients, Dentim has put together a two stage treatment:

•   During the first stage we exclude functional disorders such as breathing through the mouth, sucking fingers, retained infantile swallowing pattern, etc. We treat bone disorders such as underdeveloped jaw bones, receding chin using articulated braces.

•  The second stage uses fixed braces, which are the most effective in treating dental disorders, or a misalignment of teeth in the dental arch. This results in straight teeth giving harmonious facial features and a beautiful profile.


Orthodontics for adults

It is also possible to correct malocclusions in adulthood, which is most frequently achieved with the use of a permanent brace. The use of dental brackets means that the braces are almost invisible. At  Dentim Clinic, apart from traditional braces we also use state of the art treatment methods.

The first alternative to a permanent orthodontic brace is the Clear Aligner System. This malocclusion correction method uses transparent splints. This is an excellent method for patients whom, for aesthetic reasons for example would like to avoid putting on a permanent brace. These splints are almost invisible and have no metal elements which could cause irritation, and as such are often prescribed to those patients with allergies. The splints are made individually, based on a digital analysis and measurements. An orthodontist checks up on the progress every 3-4 weeks. Clear Aligner therapy is non-invasive, discreet and painless.

The second modern solution are Self-ligating brackets. Here, the orthodontic brace uses a passive system. Thus, it is possible to reduce the discomfort associated with wearing a brace, treatment is much faster and the frequency of check-up visits - minimised.

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