Orthodontic braces, which cannot be seen? Yes - Incognito!

A fixed lingual brace, is also known as an invisible brace or behind the teeth brace, is an alternative, almost invisible method for straightening teeth. It is a solution aimed at patients requiring the highest level of aesthetics.

The patient’s treatment time can be shortened using a lingual brace, as the force is applied to a tooth near the centre of resistance, which means that teeth realign quicker. Also, the orthodontist uses thin archwires, thus there is practically no pain for the patient during the therapy. However, such brace is more expensive, as the brackets are manufactured tailor made for each patient. Our orthodontic surgery uses Incognito braces.

FAQ (lingual braces):

Q. What is a lingual brace?

It is a fixed brace, where the brackets are glued on the inside of the teeth, and thus are completely invisible.

Q.Apart from the aesthetic, what are the advantages of a lingual brace?

A tooth has its centre of resistance and if one applies a force, such as a bracket, near this centre, then the force acting on the tooth will be more effective, will act faster and what’s most important - will be a smaller force - which means less of a pain during teeth realignment. Brackets in the lingual technique are glued close to the centre of resistance.

Q.Does a lingual brace treatment cause pain?

The archwires used together with the lingual brackets, use weak biological forces, without overloading the nerve and ligament system. Such forces result in smaller tensions for teeth that is the case for fixed conventional braces, which means greater comfort during teeth realignment.

Q.How long does a lingual brace treatment last?

Treatments using a lingual brace are shorter, as the force applied to the tooth is near the centre of resistance, which means that teeth move faster, we act using a smaller force which means, that treatment is often painless. However, we must remember that some problems must be treated for longer, regardless of what technique we use.

Q.Are there any side effects to using behind the teeth braces?

There are no side effects, braces are constructed in such a way as not to cause any ailments. They may cause some discomfort at first, and cause patients to speak with a lisp, but that disappears after a few days and does not always occur.

Q.Can every occlusion problem be treated with a behind the teeth brace? Can anyone be treated with a behind the teeth brace?

Every occlusion problem and everyone can be treated with this technique.

Q.Can treatment using an invisible brace be done at any age?

There are no age restrictions for these braces.

Q.Why is it that only some orthodontists use lingual braces?

This is a difficult technique, requiring vast knowledge and constant training, which is also expensive.

Q.Why the Incognito brace?

An Incognito brace is an excellent, discreet alternative to a typical, highly visible orthodontic brace. The brackets are individually designed for each patient through the sue of complex procedures in a laboratory in Bad Essen - Germany.

Q.Can any orthodontics treat using an Incognito brace?

Yes, but they must have completed a special course.

Q.Who is Incognito for?

For children, teenagers and adults who want to improve teeth alignment. And mostly for those who do not want for their brackets to be seen from the outside, for professional and aesthetic reasons.

Q.Can the Incognito method be sued to treat complex cases?

As the brackets are designed and manufactured tailor made for each patient, this is an excellent way to correct every misaligned tooth.

Q.Is the Incognito brace comfortable and does it not hinder speaking?

The brackets are custom designed and are very thin, thus the patient is guaranteed maximum comfort during use. Some difficulties may occur for a short time after cementing, but pass after a few days.

Q.What material are Incognito braces made of?

The brackets are made from an alloy of gold and iridium and despite the fact that they look like jewellery, it is not possible to smelt them into a bracelet after.

Q.How much do lingual braces cost?

As treatment using the lingual technique requires the assistance of a specialised technical workshop, its price depends on the type of brace. When it comes to Incognito, the euro exchange rate also plays a role.

Q.How long is the visit, during which an orthodontist puts on an invisible brace? Time wise, is it different from putting on a conventional brace?

The visit lasts for about one hour, and that is also the amount of time needed to put on a standard orthodontic brace. However, the doctor must spend more time preparing for cementing a lingual brace.

Q.Is there any other alternative for behind the teeth brackets?

These are aesthetic aligners - Invisialign or - Clear Aligner. These are attractive to a patient - however there are many instances when they cannot be used. They require cooperation from the patient and if the patient looses n aligner, or just does not wear it, then the entire treatment process is disrupted.

Q.What does the Clear Aligner system treatment entail?

It is an improved version of Invisialign. Each treatment phase is monitored by a doctor. After collecting a successful bite, the workshop, after a computerised analysis manufactures a ser of 3 aligners which the patient changes every 3 weeks. After their use we collect an imprint of a bite and manufacture the next aligners. The treatment is done under the watchful eye of a doctor, as each phase, once the 3 aligners are used up, may be modified. For small problems, sometimes 3 aligners are sufficient, which reduces treatment costs significantly. The number of treatment stages can be estimated right at the outset. What’s important, authorised workshops are located in Poland and the moulds do not have to be sent to the US. We would also like to show you a film which tells more about this extraordinary solution increasing the comfort of orthodontic treatment :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGVdzt5iknQ

Clear Aligner removable braces

An alternative to a fixed orthodontic brace is the Clear Aligner System. This malocclusion correction method uses transparent splints. This is an excellent method for patients whom, for aesthetic reasons for example would like to avoid putting on a permanent brace.

These splints are almost invisible and have no metal elements which could cause irritation, and as such are often prescribed to those patients with allergies. The splints are made individually, based on a digital analysis and measurements. An orthodontist checks up on the progress every 3-4 weeks.

Clear Aligner therapy is non-invasive, discreet and painless.

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