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Classical braces

The most popular braces world-wide, with a low price, and:

  • the possibility of choosing colour ligatures,
  • the brackets used in the braces may be re-bonded many times,

Cosmetic braces

Classical orthodontic braces, where the brackets are made from sapphire crystals. Their advantages:

  • blending into the natural colour of teeth due to brackets transparency,
  • colour stability during the entire treatment.

Self-ligating brackets - Damon System

The most technologically advanced orthodontic braces, giving many advantages, such as:
  • the possibility of straightening arches without removing teeth,
  • check-ups every 2 months or more,
  • shortened treatment time,
  • less discomfort when the brace is worn,
  • easier to maintain better hygiene,
  • the braces are available in the metal and cosmetic versions.

Lingual braces - by Incognito

Modern braces cemented to the inside of the dental arch:

  • the most aesthetic (completely invisible) treatment,
  • no age restrictions for this treatment method,
  • almost every occlusion problem can be treated with a behind the teeth brace,
  • wearing comfort due to the construction of the brackets,
  • it is also possible to treat patients with impacted teeth.

ClearAligner braces

An innovative malocclusion treatment method using invisible aligners. Main advantages:

  • the aligners are transparent and practically invisible
  • during wearing there is practically no pain
  • it is possible to remove the aligners at any time
  • this method allows for the maintenance of ideal hygiene
  • treatment using aligners leads to occlusion corrections in a short time
Unfortunately, it is not possible to treat every occlusion problem in this way.

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