Implant packages

We have designed special sets of treatments combined with flights, accommodation and airport transfer. This way all our patients can save substantial amount of money.

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New teeth in just 1 day!

For everyone who is lacking of time and looking for implant treatment, we have introduced possibility of immediate restoration. This treatment allows patients to have their new teeth to be done in just one day, while preserving the highest quality of work.

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Success stories

Meet our patients and find out how treatments in our clinic have changed their lifes. You will also get personal insight of real people who visited our clinic.

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Be confident - everyday!

A beautiful smile is something many people dream of. It provides a feeling of comfort, and as it sometimes occurs, it is that which is decisive in our careers, giving us access to our enormous stocks of confidence and enthusiasm. Today, this dream is much easier to attain. Modern orthodontic treatment methods furnish you with a beautiful smile and confidence for the rest of your life.

Dentim clinic provides its patients with state of the art orthodontic treatment, which does not require tooth removal. Due to the method which we use, we reduce the orthodontic treatment scare factor, particularly for younger patients, giving them what they want more than anything else - a beautiful and healthy smile.

Every patient undergoing orthodontic treatments is provided with full diagnostics of their teeth and bones through X-ray images taken on site. Comfort is also ensured during the actual treatments too.

Due to the use of cosmetic brackets the braces are almost invisible. The standard used by Dentim are self-ligating brackets, ensuring faster treatment and less frequent check-ups. The treatment offered by Dentim allows for occlusion corrections for both older and younger individuals.

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Program: Smile 50+

Our own program dedicated for everyone in their fifties, sixties and so on.  It allows us to rejuvenate and restore natural smile, often lost with age. 

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Lifetime guarantee

This is an unique offer within medical sector that brings peace of mind for all our patients. Our program gives even lifetime guarantee on certain dental treatments.

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