Why dental implants in Poland at Dentim?


Choosing the clinic where you are going to start your treatment is not easy – but remember, it is entirely up to you. That is why we have gathered the most important aspects which make dental implants in Poland at Dentim Europe the right choice for you.


1. Consultations – free of charge!

If you would like to meet our team or see our clinic in Katowice prior to making the final decision, you have an opportunity to do so. We offer you a short appointment with a practitioner free of charge. During the appointment we will show you available solutions and estimate the cost of dental implants treatment in Poland.


2. Highly qualified medical staff, professional personnel

Although our team of dentists provide a comprehensive range of treatments, our main specialisation is implantology. We have applied so far thousands of dental implants in Poland, effectively reconstructing thousands of smiles. Our experience results from thoroughly exercised knowledge acquired all over the world (including Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, and the USA).


3. Aesthetic approach to smile reconstruction

We know that for you the dental implant really means: your smile. Thus, every step is planned together with your dentist in order to reach the best final aesthetic result of your new smile.


4. Comfort and painlessness of the surgeries

We have worked for many years to tackle this issue. Currently, every patient is anaesthetised by computer-controlled anaesthetic device: TheWand. There is also a possibility to use ‘laughing gas’ (on request) during the surgery, thanks to which it is conducted in a pleasant atmosphere.

For especially uneasy patients we recommend treatment in general anaesthesia. You go to sleep, wake up and it is all over – your dental implant surgery in Poland is completed! There is more: specialised diagnostics allows us to plan each surgery on the computer screen before its beginning. It allows us to minimise the surgery duration.


5. Comprehensiveness of the treatment process

All of our team members work in one place – implantologist, prosthodontist, anaesthesiologist and dentists with other specialisations. Because of the fact, that we organised the dental implants clinic, prosthetic laboratory as well as milling centre at one location we are able to achieve the best aesthetic results and shorten duration of many treatments.

Constantly aiming at achieving the best aesthetic results, we have been using the Italian model in which the dentist and prosthodontist technician plan the treatment and have uninterrupted contact with a patient. Such an approach lets our team better cooperate and achieve the best final result.


6. Full radiologic diagnostics on the spot in the clinic

We have one of the latest image diagnostics laboratory in Poland, equipped with CT scanner, pantomografic and cefalostatic imaging devices. Dental treatment of every patient is planned virtually on the computer screen with Simplant software which allows to reduce time and invasiveness of the real surgery significantly.


7. Choice of 2 different lines of dental implants

Optimum and Premium.


8. Minimally invasive implantology

Our treatment procedures are optimised to decrease invasiveness of surgeries. We have a wide range of tools which enable us to achieve it by e.g.:

  • virtual planning connected with perfect diagnostics,
  • short implants which frequently allow to avoid bone reconstruction surgeries,
  • express procedures which allow us to minimise time of anticipation for teeth,
  • always performing temporary fillings after the surgery – you will never leave a surgery after dental implants treatment without a tooth or teeth.


9. Balanced pricing policy

One of the most important reasons for which some of the patients recommend dental implants in Poland to others is our clinic’s balanced pricing policy while maintaining high quality of services and materials. Patients know what they can expect during every appointment and how much they would be charged for each meeting thanks to especially prepared, written schedule.

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