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We apply only well tested and high quality solutions in our clinic. Thanks to many year experience in the field of implantology we have decided to cooperate with several leading implants producers in the world. We succeeded in constructing implantological offer based on 2 lines of implants: Optimum and Premium.



  • for patients with high health care awareness but limited budget for treatment.  
  • high quality titanium implants with international guarantee lasting for 10 years 
  • possible all prosthetic solutions, i.e.: reconstruction of a single tooth, many teeth gaps, anodontia 
  • the best possible quality to price ratio


  • for patients with higher expectations, without financial constraints 
  • luxurious implants of few world producers with international and lifetime guarantee   
  • possible all prosthetic solutions, including the most advanced, e.g.: reconstruction of all teeth in 1 day 
  • active surfaces and the shape of  implants shorten time of healing 
  • the risk of rejection of implant after surgery is reduced to minimum (99,7% efficiency of implanting) 
  • use of implants of the line frequently allows to avoid surgeries of the bone reconstruction and facilitates teeth reconstruction in shorter time 

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