How can we restore your smile?


Capabilities of dentition restoration


We treat all types of dentition cavities in the Implantology and Orthodontics Center Dentim Clinic.

Single gaps in dentition

If you lost a single tooth, it can be easily restored thanks to implants without the necessity of damaging the neighbouring healthy teeth. Filling the dentition gap by means of an implant does not require grinding teeth, Implant is placed directly into the place where a gap occurred.





Reconstruction of multiple tooth gaps

Contrary to the inelegant hooks in partial dentures, implants allow patient restore 100% beautiful smile. Implants are felt the same as natural teeth, they look and function the same way, they are comfortable and do not cause the sense of discomfort.





Reconstruction of the whole anodontia

Waiting for reconstruction of the anodontia for weeks is the thing of the past. Today the gaps can be filled in one day. Thanks to “Teeth in 1 day ” system applied in Dentim clinic, a patient can enjoy a smile the same day when the teeth extraction was planned.

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