What are dental implants?

Hearing the word implant we most frequently imagine an artificial tooth.  You cannot be more wrong.

Implant is nothing else but a substitute for a tooth root. “Artificial tooth” in turn, is the crown, which is mounted onan implant by a  dentist.

Today implants are the best alternative for filling the gaps in dentition, and are also a perfect solution providing stable fixture of tooth dentures. Their durability as well as ease with which they are  accepted  by the body makes it a long term and safe solution and at the same time assuring 100% sense of natural teeth.

We apply only well tested and high quality solutions in our clinic. Thanks to many year s of experience in the field of implantology we have decided to cooperate with several leading implants producers. We succeeded in constructing implantological offer based on 2 lines of implants: Optimum and Premium.


The most important advantages of implants:

  • They limit  possibility of damage of neighbouring sound teeth  
  • They  are more reliable than conventional methods i.e.  structured denture or  fixed denture
  • They increase  possibility of eating varied food influencing positively on our digestive system and diet.
  • The absolutely look and feel like  natural teeth
  • They  are stable, increasing our psychical comfort
  • They do not require using any glues  
  • In time perspective this  solutions is more economical
  • No more uncertainty and embarrassment in situations related to loosening a denture!

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