Implant packages

We have designed special sets of treatments combined with flights, accommodation and airport transfer. This way all our patients can save substantial amount of money.

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New teeth in just 1 day!

For everyone who is lacking of time and looking for implant treatment, we have introduced possibility of immediate restoration. This treatment allows patients to have their new teeth to be done in just one day, while preserving the highest quality of work.

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Success stories

Meet our patients and find out how treatments in our clinic have changed their lifes. You will also get personal insight of real people who visited our clinic.

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Experience, comfort, aesthetics with dental implants

For the last few years of our work we have placed thousands of dental implants in Poland and we have completed thousands of crowns. Our dentists’ services are at the disposal of both: the patients with an unlimited budget, as well as patients paying close attention to costs. In our clinic in Katowice we utilise only proven, high quality dentistry solutions.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of implantology we have decided to cooperate with several leading dental implant producers in the world (Germany, Sweden, the USA). Because of that we are able to create constructing an implantological offer in Poland based on 2 lines of products: Optimum and Premium.

Thanks to great experience of our dentists, advanced planning and meticulous performance we have conducted safely thousands of patients through this difficult, yet very beneficial treatment.

Why dental implants in Poland?

They substitute nature perfectly, being an ideal imitation of teeth roots. The complete tooth replaced is equipped with a crown, which imitates the look of enamel layer of the adjacent natural teeth. The dental implant itself is applied into the jaw bone and plays the same role as the natural tooth root. Thanks to biocompatibility, they are easily accepted by body and allow for quick smile recovery – shortening treatment time up to 1 day.

Dentim Europe from Poland offers dental implants created by leading manufacturers in the world, while minimising the costs connected with the whole treatment. As a result you can improve the quality of your life and regain completely natural smile at a reasonable price.

Dental implants assure life quality improvement, including health and good looks:

  • a patient can fully enjoy eating various dishes, including those which had previously been troublesome (hard apples, nuts, etc.);
  • with titanium roots we can forget about the problems related to denture bonding;
  • troublesome oral cavity hygiene is simplified – after the procedure you take care of them in the same way you treat natural teeth – brushing them regularly;
  • the treatment prevents bone atrophy and at the same time does not deform natural facial features;
  • they improve patient’s health – allow for better disintegration and rumination of food, thus they lower the risk of bowels and stomach illnesses;
  • the treatment provides physical and psychological comfort;
  • you can smile widely with no worry in the whole world!

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Program: Smile 50+

Our own program dedicated for everyone in their fifties, sixties and so on.  It allows us to rejuvenate and restore natural smile, often lost with age. 

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Lifetime guarantee

This is an unique offer within medical sector that brings peace of mind for all our patients. Our program gives even lifetime guarantee on certain dental treatments.

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