A beautiful and white smile is a synonym for success. Today, thanks to whitening treatments, everyone can have one.

And despite there being many roads leading to a white smile - whitening toothpastes, special strips for teeth or substances from well known cosmetics companies, these often are not sufficient for discolouring appearing due to coffee, tea, smoking or consumption of colourful foods. A whitening treatment allows us to solve this problem quickly and safely.

The DentinClear method used at the Dentim Europe allows one to lose the discolouring during one visit, returning a white smile in just 60 minutes. Additionally, patients will receive a number of post treatment dental guards helping to alleviate possible sensitivity and allowing for self teeth whitening, if the whitening effect begins to fade.

Whitening using the DentimClear method is entails applying a special hydrogen peroxide based whitening gel to the surface of the teeth. Oxidisation which takes place during the treatment effectively removes discolouring, returning a white smile. Due to the use of a special, blue accelerator light during the entire process, which activates the gel, the treatment time is reduced to the minimum, yielding results incomparably better to other whitening methods.

Due to the DentimClear method, teeth become more resistant to discolouring, retaining their natural sheen. The effects of this treatment remain visible for an average of 2 years, with observing the correct diet and mouth hygiene. The treatment is entirely safe. At the surgery we have at our disposal a state of the art BEYOND Polus device and staff experienced in whitening procedures.

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