Q. What are ceramic veneers?

Ceramic veneers are very thin scales of ceramic material bonded to the front part of the tooth. This could be an ideal improvement for front teeth. Ceramic veneers are used to mask discolouring, to whiten teeth and improve a smile.

Q. What is the treatment process?

Trimming: enamel on the front part of the tooth is trimmed back. The desired objective for the dentist is to cut the tooth only by such a thickness as the veneer, which will end up being bonded to that location. In such way the entire dimensions of the tooth will remain unchanged.

Taking impressions: Once an appropriate amount of enamel has been ground off, the dentist will have to make an impression (copy) of the tooth. A ceramic veneer will be made based on this impression.

Temporary veneer: The dentist will make a temporary veneer, in order to protect the teeth during the time when the dental laboratory will be making the final veneer.

Bonding: After a doctor patient consultation and ascertainment that the shape and hue of the veneer is correct, the veneer is bonded in the required position. The dentist will also make sure that the veneer location is appropriately adjusted for the patient’s occlusion.

Q. How to take care of the veneers?                                              

  • Correct mouth hygiene, brushing and flossing teeth 3 times every day.
  • Subjecting the veneer to excessive forces should be avoided.
  • Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth.
  • Reduce the consumption of discolouring liquids - coffee, tea, red wine.

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