Q. What are white fillings?

Otherwise known as composite, made from just that material in the colour of a tooth. They recreate the natural shape and look of a tooth destroyed by decay or filled previously. Composite fillings are an excellent solution for individuals who want to have a beautiful smile. The colour is matched to the natural teeth and does not stand out. Original composite fillings were developed with front teeth in mind, however today they are often used for molars, which require reinforcing. Here, a stronger material is used than for front teeth.

Q. What is the treatment like?

As opposed to silver fillings, composite fillings are fixed directly to the tooth. Additionally, contrary to the amalgam fillings, they allow for eating and drinking straight after treatment (as soon as the anaesthetic wears off). These are the best solution for reconstructions of small dental defects. Correct mouth hygiene will allow for the front fillings to be used for one’s entire life, and the back teeth should last for 7 to 10 years. Patients who have silver fillings may change them for composite ones.

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