Q. What is curettage?

This procedure is a cleaning of the periodontal pocket. Both the open and closed types of curettage are very important steps in periodontal treatment and reducing recessing gums.

Q. What is the difference between open and closed curettage?

Closed curettage is a simple procedure, during which the dentist or a dental hygienist will clean the tissue surrounding the tooth using specialist tools. Open curettage is only performed by a doctor or dental surgeon. Under local anaesthetic, the gum is cut open, the pocket becomes more visible and easier to clean. After the procedure the gum is closed up and the stitches removed after 10 days. Open curettage is a more effective method but the aesthetic results after the treatment are often different from the expected.

At Dentim clinic we have at our disposal a Vector device, which allows for non-invasive removal of deep calculus deposits. This is an innovative, a one of a kind non-invasive device for treating gum problems. It is used both for treating and prevention of periodontitis. Due to the advanced technology, Vector allows for cleaning deep pockets without an invasive surgical procedure. The Vector System is used for prevention and treatment of gum inflammations, mucous membrane and periodontal inflammations around an implant, and also for micro-invasive calculus cleaning as well as different kinds of sediments around the gums.

A special fluid, patented by the manufacturer, containing hydroxyapatite particles is pulse fed into the working sections of the Vector device. The effects are similar to that, which may be observed in an ultrasound cleaning bath or ultrasound breaking of kidney stones. Thus, not only the unwanted bacterial flora is removed from the pockets, put the root surfaces are polished and ready for a new connection of the gum to the roots to establish itself.

Treatments using the Vector device are entirely painless - done under a local anaesthetic by The Wand. It is minimally invasive and patients experience little trauma, being very effective at the same time. After a non-surgical treatment using the Vector device gums regain their flexibility and  take on a healthy, pale pink colour. Swelling and aching recedes, and bleeding is significantly reduced or eliminated altogether.

Q. When do we use the Vector system:

  • in preventing periodontitis
  • for periodontal problems
  • in an advanced stage of a periodontal problem as a treatment preparing for surgical procedures and improving their effects
  • after a periodontal problem treatment as a preventative and booster procedure
  • in treating inflammations around implants (periimplantitis) and around permanent prosthetic works
  • for sensitive exposed tooth necks and roots - the hydroxyapatite  used for the treatment, apart from surface polishing, also seals the dentin channels, reducing the sensitivity of teeth.


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