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Computerised anaesthetic


Our doctors use a revolutionary technology. Ask about painless injections. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Local, computer controlled anaesthetic eliminates pain, which may be experienced during a traditional anaesthetic injection. Dentim Clinic invested in the highest quality equipment from the USA, which makes application of an anaesthetic a pleasant experience. As a rule, each patient receives anaesthetic from a device called The wand. It looks more like a pen and delivers anaesthetic in a slow, simple manner, due to which the process is practically painless.

This device ensures an easy, predictable and controllable alternative to traditional syringes, and as such may be used in practically any situation requiring anaesthetic.

The patients’ reactions are very positive - they feel quicker and deeper anaesthetic, which wears off quickly after the treatment. They are surprised not to feel pain, even in those parts of the mouth, which they thought would be more sensitive. This means, that in a typical procedure, we anaesthetise faster, better and also reduce patients anxiety prior to the prick.

Painless anaesthetic is applied by equipment based on Milestone Scientific in the USA technology. The Wand is a new, revolutionary computer controlled system, which ensures a more comfortable and effective delivery of local anaesthetic.

Regardless of whether needles irritate you or not, this device allows for a more predictable, comfortable delivery of anaesthetic, particularly in more sensitive areas such as the roof of the mouth or the front of the jaw. It also allows for the use of a smaller amount of anaesthetic, in the given time. This technique may be used to eliminate prolonged numbness of the face, tongue and lips of the patient after a treatment. 

The needle is not the main source of discomfort during an injection. It is also the pressure and volume of the liquid, which “pushes” against the gum tissue. The Wand microprocessor automatically detects different densities of tissue. The anaesthetic is delivered under constant pressure and equal value, which is usually painless.

A computer also delivers an anaesthetic directly before the needle. Thus the insertion point is also anesthetised and creates an “anaesthetic path” even before the needle comes into contact.

The Wand ensures anaesthetic flow at an optimal injection rate. A microscopic needle is located inside the handle, which looks like a fountain pen. Thus the patient does not even see a syringe!

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